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Kitchen Remodeling Pitfalls

Kitchen remodeling can transform your home and add significant value to your property. Real estate professionals are the first people to acknowledge that kitchens and baths can be difference-makers for prospective buyers. Home with new kitchens sell fast. On the other hand, if the kitchen is outdated, many buyers will rule the house out immediately regardless of other amenities the home might offer.

Because kitchen remodeling is a mainstay of the home improvement industry, contractors share what they see as the main pitfalls to kitchen improvements.

1. Kitchen Remodeling is for Professionals – While it is always appealing to save money, even the best do-it-yourselfer may be over their head with kitchen remodeling. Not only does the kitchen represent a significant investment but kitchens can pose very real safety risk and must often meet stringent building code regulations as well. If the homeowner really wants to increase the functionality of your kitchen and wants to increase the value of your investment, find a licensed kitchen remodeler with expertise in plumbing and electrical work. To get your kitchen remodel done right, licensed professionals are your best bet.

2. Untangle the Web with a Kitchen Consultant – It is truly amazing how many options homeowners have when planning a kitchen remodel. Your excitement will only increase as you pour through magazines, scan the Internet and study pictures of new kitchens. While every homeowner wants the latest and greatest equipment, most beautiful countertops, spacious cabinets and stunning floor, it takes good planning to bring a kitchen together with a fluid floor plan. One of the wisest decisions you can make is to consult with a reputable kitchen planner. These professionals can offer dynamic yet practical floor plans, suggestions about different appliances and advice about the cost of your dream range, refrigerator and other technologically advanced appliances. And, when it comes to the pros and cons of various counter tops and flooring options, these experts can provide everything you need to know. If your head is swimming with ideas, a kitchen consultant can ensure you get the most bang-for-the-buck.

3. Setting a Budget – Contractors can provide pricing and many have terrific experience with kitchen remodeling but why not get your design and a working plan from your kitchen consultant? Who better to work with your budget than an expert in the field? If they do not actually do the work, kitchen consultants will know reputable contractors who can. If you wing the design and keep changing the design, your budget will fly by the wayside. Remember Sleepless in Seattle. Plan ahead and stick with it.

4. Be Careful of Trends – The world of kitchen remodeling offers constantly evolving trends. The Internet is filled with the newest kitchen ideas and layouts. New appliances are coming to market every year. However, it is risky to plan any kitchen that you have not actually seen. Your new kitchen should be specifically for you and your workable space. And, while you may include a few trendy features, don’t be swayed by glitzy images. Check out real kitchens that a professional kitchen planner can show you.

5. Being Unrealistic – Most remodeling jobs have a well-considered budget and leave some wiggle room. It is rare that a kitchen remodel does not run into surprises. You will like your new kitchen more if it stays on budget. That means having a good contractor who stands behind their work and who has put proper forethought into their bid price to complete the job at the quoted price. Avoid contractors who quote a price and use the figure as a ballpark. Discuss the plan and the remodel in detail with the contractor and pin down the price. Never let the contractor get too far ahead with advance payments.

Now, how about it? Are you ready to plan your new kitchen?